At Ki, we excel in Adolescent Gynaecology and take pride in bonding with our young adult patients and helping them through their tough world of hormones and changes.

As a mother of 3 beautiful girls, Dr Dharsh completely empathises with teen girls who are undergoing a variety of gynaecological and emotional issues that they may not feel comfortable talking about usually.

It is vital to show teen girls the value of openness, pride in self, having immense self-worth, being comfortable in their own skin, to feel empowered in their decisions, and to know that they can trust us in helping them manage their health queries and anxieties.

We have a special open door policy with our young adult patients at Ki, where they are always welcome to email us at any time of day with their questions and issues. We guarantee a response within 24 hours. This reassures them that there will always be a listening ear out here for them.

Adolescent Issues we manage at Ki include:

  • Management of irregular, heavy, painful or no periods.
  • Management of unusual vaginal discharges and itchiness.
  • Sexual Health Education
  • First Well-Teen Gynae Consult
  • HPV Vaccination (Cervical Cancer Prevention)
  • Contraception discussion
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection discussion
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening

Once you are under our care, you will always have a place to reach out to at anytime, whenever the need arises. And we will be there.

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